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The purpose of a Career Skills Assessment is to encourage high school students to explore career opportunities early in their academic career.

By doing so, any problem areas related to career goals can be identified and corrected prior to the student’s graduation.


Career Skills Assessment

The Career Skills Assessment is structured to assist the student, parent/guardian, teacher, counselor, and other team members in the analysis of a student’s:

job interests

Evaluation is done primarily with hands-on work samples and several paper/pencil tests.

Work samples are standardized, normed assessment tools which meet reliability and validity criteria that are strictly adhered to during the administration of the tests.

The Career Skills Assessments are performed throughout the regular school year and scheduled collectively with the referral source. Students are recommended for assessment by their guidance counselor, teacher, or other staff member and parental/guardian permission is obtained before the evaluation begins.

Assessment Report

A final, confidential report, which is available only to the student, parent/guardian, and appropriate school personnel, is written by the evaluator for the purpose of sharing the results of the assessment.

Included in this report are explanations and interpretations of the student’s scores and suggestions for courses or programs which may help the student prepare for his/her preferred career. The report also includes ways he/she can learn more about certain career fields.

A conference is scheduled between the evaluator, student, appropriate school personnel, and parents/guardians in order to discuss the assessment report and answer any questions.

Assessment Lab Location

Located in D. Russel Lee Career~Technology Center, the Career Skills Assessment lab provides student assessments over a one or two day period.

Students are scheduled in the lab during the school day and eat lunch at the career center.

A JVS bus provides transportation for the student to and from D. Russel Lee Career~Technology Center. Off-site evaluations are also arranged as needed.

Career Skills Assessment Components

Written Assessments:

CAPS - assesses mechanical reasoning, spatial relations, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, language use, word knowledge, perceptual speed and accuracy, and manual speed and dexterity

COPS - measures interest in 14 areas

Other academic assessments as needed


Students are asked about schooling, military, careers, job experience, and hobbies

Hands-on Assessments:

Jevs Vitas - tests simple mechanical reasoning, circuit board inspection, planning and organizing, and complex mechanical reasoning

McCarron-Dial - a tactile assessment of neuro-muscular development

TAP - tests manual and bimanual finger dexterity, touch discrimination, color discrimination, and use of large and small tools

VALPAR - used to show strengths in areas such as: color discrimination, sorting, full body range motion, and office skills