Internet Speeds around the World

It is not just in the west where internet speeds are continuing to get faster as it is in the east where the fastest average internet speeds are enjoyed. In both South Korea and Hong Kong, people can enjoy average internet speeds of 1 GBPS but of course, as that is just the average speed; many people enjoy even faster speeds. When you compare broadband in the United Kingdomwith broadband in other countries, you will see that although the UK does not offer the fastest speeds, neither does it offer the slowest either. The same can be said about the prices too as the UK has neither the most expensive nor the cheapest services. Again two countries which stand out in this regard are South Korea who only charges US$20 per month for their 1 GBPS service and Hong Kong that only charge US$26 per month. How much you pay for your service in the UK very much depends on what speed you decides to have. In the towns and cities, some very fast speeds are often available but those are usually only used by businesses which want to connect a lot of devices to one connection. For those people in the countryside, faster speeds may not be available but the speeds offered there are still ample for regular home use. A speed of 5 mbps is recommended by Netflix in order to enjoy their site to the fullest but remember that if you have more than one device linked to the same connection, the speed you get on each device will be less than the speed you ordered to receive in your house and so if you have more than one device and want Netflix, you should order a faster speed than just 5 MBPS. Many people have said that since the faster speeds have been available, the internet is more entertaining than it once was and this is perhaps confirmed by the fact that the internet still continues to grow in popularity. Broadband is just a name that has been given to a signal which can be tr4ansmitted over a multiple of channels and so it is not really broadband that has allowed the faster speeds to become available as much as it is the fact that the broadband is now carried by fibre optic cables and it are those cables which are probably responsible for faster speeds to be made3 available in a growing number of places. If you are considering getting an internet connection but have not yet decided which provider to use or which package to buy, if you go online there are some websites which will tell you which providers and packages are available in your area. Many of these sites will also indicate the cost of each package from each of the different internet providers. By going to one of these websites, you can save yourself a lot of research and yet still get the service which is best suited to your needs.