Vacating a Tenancy

If you have been living in a tenancy and the tenancy agreement is nearing its end you will have to start thinking about giving the property a thorough cleaning so as not to acquire extra charges. When you signed the tenancy agreement, you may not have noticed at the time that one part of it would have stipulated the standard to which the property was to be cleaned prior to vacating otherwise cleaning charges would be applied.

This is not too unreasonable as the property when you took over it would have been to those same high standards which are set by the property managers. However, those high standards are usually higher than what we would usually clean to and so some extra work will be needed on top of the regular weekly clean up. The ceilings and walls will have to be washed, the carpets cleaned and the oven spotless.

The windows will have to have been cleaned but no smears should be seen on them and the bathrooms should have been well cleaned and disinfected to rid them of any germs. Some of these standards may have been set out in the agreement but even if they weren’t, these are the standards w which property managers consider clean and they are the ones that will be carrying out the inspection. If you fail to have the property cleaned to their standards, they will hire a professional cleaning company to come and do the cleaning, to get the property up to the standard required, a standard which the property managers would be happy to present the property to the next tenant in.

The cost of that cleaning company will of course be added to whatever else you may owe the property manager or taken out of any deposit they may have received from you. Because they may have to pay for a cleaning company to come and clean the property anyway, some tenants hire the cleaning company themselves and save themselves a lot of time and trouble doing any cleaning themselves.

Although when the property manager hires one of these companies to do an end of tenancy cleaning, the company is hired to clean the whole property, if you wish to hire them you can just hire them to do specific cleaning tasks like cleaning the carpets or cleaning the oven and by doing that and doing the rest of the cleaning yourself, you can possibly save money and yet still not do the particular cleaning jobs you hate.

If you own your own property, you may still want to consider hiring one of these companies when it comes the time of year for spring cleaning. It would save you a lot of work and as they are used to end of tenancy cleaning, they know how to clean everything to a high standard, possibly even as high a standard as you set yourself. Just hiring them to clean your kitchen appliances and carpets would save you a great deal of effort and stress.