ISO/QS 9000

ISO/QS 9000 is a minimum standard for a Quality System. It is a beginning point for Continuous Improvement in the processes and productions of an organization.

Under ISO/QS 9000, a Quality System is an interconnected set of processes, with controls - or, "checks" - that are measured against an external standard.

The ISO/QS 9000 Standards are the foundation that Quality Assurance is built upon - using the concepts of documentation and continuous improvement through auditing and review - to ensure that the Quality System is effective in meeting customer requirements.

An ISO/QS 9000 registered Quality Management System provides objective evidence of effectiveness in meeting customer requirements by providing for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

ISO/QS 9000 Registration as a business Management System is a base for a more comprehensive Quality System.

ISO/QS 9000 Implementation

Outline of the ISO/QS 9000 Program
Assess company's current relation to the ISO/QS 9000 (1994 and draft of 2000, ISO 14000)
Develop a specialized plan to meet individual company's needs to achieve certification
Coordination of consulting to develop Policies, Procedures, Work Instruction development and implementation
Employee training
Assistance with selection of Registrar for Certification Audit

Other Services Coordinated:

Position MatrixTM - software and methodology for defining roles and responsibilities for organizational and employee related issues (screening employees at all levels for their roles and responsibility)
Statistical Techniques Training (Statistical Process Control, Capability Analysis, Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility)
Quality Systems compliance, maintenance, consulting, and follow-up
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Service
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Internal and Lead Auditor Training

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